Garage doors come in diverse types so much so that prospective users and home owners who lack the relevant technical expertise may find it quite challenging to arrive at the most appropriate one. The following discussions shall lay bare the types of garage doors and the factors to consider while picking a door that suits the style of your house

Types of Garage Doors

There are four main types of garage door styles described in details here under:

Swing out

In this type of garage door style, the garage doors are hinged on either the left or the right hand side of the garage walls. The doors swing out to the left or the right hand sides to open and close respectively. It is mainly suitable for those areas that have plenty of open spaces right next to the garages.

Swing up

In this type of garage doors style, the garage doors are hinged right above the garage door opening. In order to open, the garage doors swing up, and in order to close, the swing down.

Roll up

In this type of garage door styles, the garage doors are hinged onto a frame that is located in between the ceiling and the garage door opening. The garages roll on up when opened and roll out when closed. It is suitable for those garages that have extra high walls or in congested areas.

Slide to the side

These are garage doors that slide either to the left or to the right in order to open and close. They are preferable in situations where there are enough spaces in the areas that are adjacent to the garages but not enough in front of the garages.

Choosing the Right Style

The Type and Location of the House

Smaller and self-contained houses such as bungalows have empty spaces in their vicinity to warrant either a swing out or swing up garage door style. On the other hand, houses that are located in congested areas such as apartments may not have enough spaces. For this reason, space-saving garage door styles such as roll-up or the slide-to-the-side are strongly recommended.

The Amount of Open Spaces next to the Garage Door

Some garage door styles such as swing up and swing out require plenty of open spaces in front of the garages to open completely. In the event that there isn’t enough open spaces in front of the garage doors, then the roll-up or the slide-to-the-side styles are preferable.

The Size of the Garages

Should the garages have high walls, then the roll-up garage door style is to be preferred. However, if the garage is relatively small in size, then the swing out is more preferable.

Financial Resource Endowment

Some garage door styles such as swing out and swing up are generally cheaper and more affordable than the roll-up and the slide-to-the-side varieties. It is thus incumbent upon the home owner to ascertain his financial resource endowments in order to identify the one he is more likely to afford.

Call for Action

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