Your garage door is a device that consumes a lot of power in your home. Well, the garage door opener can really push up your energy bill. The amount of energy required to open your garage door depends on the size of the door itself and some other factors. If your house has two doors, you will most definitely pay more for energy.

This is why at Phoenix Garage Door Experts, we advise our esteemed customers to get only one garage door installed at a time. Over the years, the size of the garage has grown tremendously. Nowadays, they look somewhat like a smaller version of the main house. The main reason for this is the increase in size of cars as well as the number of items that need to be stored there as there is no space in the home.

Single door good enough for a garage

A common trend is installing a garage door for each car that a family owns. This will definitely raise the cost of energy for the home. If the garage is a single space, you do not need to install several garage doors for different cars. Simply get a garage door whose width is beyond the standard 10 feet. If the garage has partitioning for each car only then you will need to get several garage doors.

When you buy a garage door, you will also buy the garage door opener with it. Three doors mean you must buy three garage door openers. The energy that these three openers will extract from your grid will be immense. To save some money and energy we advise that you get only one garage door installed and spare yourself from the considerable expense of buying the openers.

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The right garage door saves you money

Our work at Phoenix Garage Door Experts goes well beyond installation and repair of garage doors. We also work to help our clients save money. We also offer insulation of garage doors to save up on heating and ventilation costs. It is obvious that it costs less to insulate one door than several of them, and that maintenance costs are lower for one door than two or more. Simply put, we highly recommend that you get only one garage door installed at a time.