Garage doors are usually moved smoothly up and down by garage door rollers. These rollers are held in place by brackets that are affixed to the door and it also has a stem that is connected to a bracket sleeve while the roller itself fits into a garage door track. Although there is no guarantee that the roller won’t go off no matter what, so if there comes a time that it will jump off track and no one is there to help you fix it, you have no choice but to do it on your own.

The good side is that this task is not that hard to do and you can do it on your own if you have the right tools with you. Here is a step by step procedure on how to repair your garage door roller:

  1. First step is to check on the tracks. Before doing anything else, you have to make sure first that the garage door tracks are still well anchored on the wall. One the many reasons why garage door rollers often go off track are because the tracks have come off the wall. When you spot the brackets that are anchoring the tracks to the wall are detached, make use of a wrench or ratchet with the right socket size to tighten the bolts. Also, always check your garage door tracks for signs of any damages or dents because a simple bad dent can cause the garage door roller to go off track.
  2. Second step is to align the tracks. Make use of a level to align your garage door rollers. For horizontal tracks, the rollers should have a slight angle towards the back of the garage. While for roll up doors, the track section should be absolutely leveled, if they are not aligned, loosen the brackets. Once the brackets are loose, carefully tap on them until they form a perfect alignment.
  3. Third step is to clean the tracks. Another reason why some garage door rollers are off track because of dirt and grime that piles up on the track. However, a good household cleaning solution can solve the problem.
  4. Fourth step is to lubricate the tracks. To guarantee that the garage door rollers will not run off track but will work smoothly, put some lubricant on it, as well as on the other parts of the door. You can also make use of powdered graphite as an alternative.
  5. Last step is to inspect your garage door rollers for any loose parts, so if you see loose bolts and screws, tighten them to avoid off track rollers. In other cases such as having a roll up door, examine the hinges that join the panels together. Hinges that are loose can cause the door to sag and eventually make it go off track.

Garage door rollers are considered to be significant and functional working parts of a garage door. So it is very important to ensure efficient and proper operations, thus when it’s damaged or goes off track, garage door roller repair should be done immediately which is best provided  by Phoenix Garage Door Experts.