Do you reside in and around Phoenix? Is noisy garage door creating serious disruption for you and your neighbors? Have you thought of getting the garage door repaired? Though, it looks simple but a garage door comprises a complex system of pulleys, springs and cables. Trying to fix things yourself could lead to serious injuries. Some of the simple maintenance tips can be easily implemented by the homeowners but if it comes to complex repair, it requires more skill and knowledge. In fact, garage door repair and installation is a highly specialized work and demands years of experience and great technical skills.

There are numerous causes of noisy garage doors and to determine the mechanical flaws, you first need to detect the spots which are responsible for the noise. Then, it is necessary to identify the exact problem for the noise. Some homeowners easily adopt the method of DIY (Do It Yourself) but for accurate services, it is always best to hire professionals. Let’s analyze some of the methods which can help in reducing the racket of noisy garage doors:

Replacement of Rollers: Old metal rollers move up and down a metal track and makes a lot of noise. Visually inspect the metal rollers and if they look dilapidated and worn out, try replacing the rollers. Again, only professional experts can advise you on the best rollers. Most garage door repair specialist prefer suggest nylon rollers rather than metal rollers.

Replacement of Garage door hinges: With time, a hole in a hinge that holds the roller stem can become worn. It is mandatory to inspect each of the hinges and get it replaced.

Nuts should be tightened: Lose nuts on the garage door tracks can create noise. Thus, it is important to tighten the nuts but make sure that you do not over tighten them.

Garage Door Opener: It is crucial to determine the type of garage door opener you have. The different types of garage door opener include screw, belt drive or chain. Chain drive opener is the noisiest of all. Thus, if you have a chain drive opener, you can either replace it or lubricate it regularly to reduce the noise to some extent.

As garage door has become a vital part for security and safety of the house, thus it is important to keep it in a good shape. Be it a bent garage door replacement or simple maintenance tips, you can easily contact our trained team of professionals at Our duty is to ensure that you get an access to exquisite garage door services from any part of Phoenix.

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