A good number of garage door openers come with at least two remote controls upon purchase. Some come with just one. In any case, the remote is a really convenient tool. You simply need to press a button while you are in your car and the garage door opens up. There is no need to alight from the car and almost fight to open the garage door manually. Occasionally, you may however, need to reprogram the remote control.

Functions that you can program

The garage door opener remote performs more functions than simply opening the garage door, even though the main function is only that. Reprogramming the remote or adding a new remote is not all that difficult especially if you consult a garage door expert. These professionals can complete the programming easily and quite fast too.

Automatic garage door openers come with a smart-learn button that allows for the programming of remotes. The process of programming does not take a lot of time.

To prevent garage door hacking, it is possible to reprogram the remote control and use different codes when operating the door. In this way, the radio codes sent to the garage door opener are safe from being used by an unauthorized person. The reprogramming of garage door remote improves the security of your home.

It is also possible to reprogram your garage door remote to control the lights that are switched on when your garage door opens. Do you hate it when all lights just turn on when you open your garage door? The remote control can also control the lighting in the house, up to a point of course. Seek the assistance of a garage door specialist for simplifying the reprogramming process.

Older remotes can be programmed to control a new garage door opener. Phoenix residents are lucky that the best of Phoenix garage door experts who can help them with this reprogramming are available in town. You do not need to buy a new remote set in case the other garage door opener got damaged beyond repair.