Phoenix, being the largest city in the state of Arizona in USA is a city full of activities from day to day. One of these activities includes full garage door repair and installation services.

Phoenix Garage Door Experts is a garage door company which ensures that garage doors for Phoenix residents are well serviced. Problems resulting from garage door parts such as broken springs, broken rollers, bent door panels or door tracks are taken care of by our highly trained garage door professionals. We are a company you can trust because we are reputable and trustworthy. You probably may have had to encounter with companies some of which are dishonest or are after your money. Most of these companies may have consumed a lot of your money and time yet hitches concerning your garage door still persist. With us the situation is different because we are readily available for garage door services.

Broken Garage Door Springs

One of the issues facing garage doors is the issue of broken door springs. It is one of the most frustrating challenges you can ever have at your home. Using the best quality door spring products is highly recommended so as to avoid injury that can otherwise be caused by substandard or worn-out products. Manually, when you lift the garage door not more than one foot off the ground, then it stays at the one foot level off the ground it is a clear indication that the springs are well balanced. If you push the door one foot above the ground and then it comes pulling itself down to the ground then the springs are either broken or worn out completely.

Handling broken garage door springs require the assistance of trained door technicians. We advise people not to press the garage door buttons, an act that may cause tearing up of the door opener gears. We recommend the use of torsion and extension garage door springs. Extension springs, located above the parallel sides of both sides of the door, extend thus enabling the door to open. We pair these springs with safety cables to ensure that extension springs do not act like shells in case of spring faults. Torsion springs on the other hand use force to raise garage doors. They coil when the door is pushed above the ground. We use these springs depending on the weight or height of your garage door.

24 Hour Emergency Service and Affordable Prices

Every home owner knows how it feels like when stuck in the middle of a problematic situation that involves garage doors. It is an unpleasant feeling especially when the problems arise in the late evening hours and you probably have no one to help you out. As for us, irrespective of the time of the day, it is our duty to repair and adjust fully your garage door components for their effective functionality.

Our emergency services are well on time as we are fully equipped with the tools necessary to carry out our services. We ensure that we reach your home within an hour or less from the moment you make contact to us. Dial the numbers (844) 334-6699 or (928) 278-4534 to have issues concerning your garage door dealt with.

We offer our services at customer-friendly prices. From as low as $89.00, we repair your garage door springs and when you buy one spring, you are assured of the second at half price. We offer new rollers at $99.00 inclusive of installation and at $99.95, you get Nylon rollers that will minimize completely the noise caused by your garage door as it opens or shuts down. For more of our products and services, log onto our site Phoenix Garage Door Experts and take a look at the coupons provided at the bottom of the page.