Based on your specific requirements for parking your car and storing some other items, the dimensions of your garage door can be 18×7, 16×7 or any other. The two mentioned here are the most popular dimensions of the door preferred by homeowners in Phoenix. However, these doors must be installed by professionals with expertise in the task.

The seasoned garage door techies can advise you on choosing a door of the ideal size as per your needs. For installation of a new garage door, measurements of existing door need to be taken. Apart from the width and height of the doors, the clearing above the opening also need to be measured. This is important to make sure that enough space is left for installation of garage tracks.

Precautions in garage door installation

18×7 or 16×7 garage door installers need to be very cautious when installing or even repairing the doors. The springs and cables used in the doors are constantly under extreme tensions and need to be managed by taking safety precautions. If you try it on your own, not only can it lead to a serious damage but even fatal injury.

Only licensed and qualified garage door technician should be entrusted with the task of adjustment, repair, removal, installation, inspection or maintenance of these doors. As more than 300 components need to be in perfect adjustment for such a door to work without giving any trouble, there is no point in taking a DIY approach to it. The techies know how to keep the springs, tracks, cables and other parts of the door in ideal setting.

Not adhering to the standard practices during installation can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Phoenix Garage Door Experts offer lifetime warranty on spare parts replaced as well as new products installed. This is important because it shows that we are confident of the quality of products used as well as our skills in repair or installation.

Our expertise is not limited to repair and installation of 16×7 or 18 x 7 garage door, but it extends to doors of all makes and models from the top brands.

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