Did you know that more than 70 percent of new homes in the U.S have more than one garage? While single family garages are usually used for parking a car and storing items, the majority departments of planning and development are/have already set a code for constructing new garage measures meant for other purposes like home office. New purposes for garage doors call for enhanced residential garage door, for instance – office.


Some people believe in DYI for garage door trouble solving, but DYI has turned out to be unsuccessful most of the time. Perhaps it’s because they are oblivious of the fact that a garage door will always need a proper technician regardless of a problem. So there isn’t any shortcut for solving your garage door problems besides a garage door company. Handyman services of all kinds have protested hotly against taking chances with general home renovations and installations; from garage door painting, panel replacement and all. The popular residence garage door service in phoenix can only be offered by the most experienced garage door company – Phoenixgaragedoorexperts.com


You can never rightly judge what the next problem in a garage door can be. These problems can range from one to a thousand. Although some of them are quite predictable, others are mysterious to the garage door owner. Some of the reasons most garage doors won’t work include:

1) A misaligned track

2) Low batteries in the transmitter.

3) Garage Door Opener Runs but Door Doesn’t Move -automatic garage door.

4) Garage Door shuts Very Quickly, Often with a Bang.

5) Garage Door shuts Part Way, Then Opens after that

These are just but a few of the numerous garage door problems you may come across, the list is long. But sometimes you may fail to identify a problem correctly; it is common to wrongly point one problem for a completely different one. For example if a garage door fails to go up, you might start to think it is the opener that has jammed, rather it is the garage door springs. This is the kind of puzzle that only a well trained eye and experience can crack.


Garage door problems don’t always happen at your convenience. However, instead of waiting for normal business hours to address a problem, we can do all possible to help you anytime of the day; morning, evening, midnight, if you would like to. Part of our mission is to help out whenever and wherever a residential garage door problem arises. Remember that a properly operating garage door provides safety and convenience to you and your family. Phoenixgaragedoorexperts.com will link you with a local garage door repair expert that can be at your home fast.


Finding a garage door repair service during normal operating days is easy, but not on the holidays and weekends. But we never rest come rain or shine. We are able and willing to connect you with our professional any day anyway. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you will experience at that time, we will do everything possible to help.