It is barely mid-November and the country is already freezing with winter-like temperatures and snow. Much of the United States is in for a winter like no other this year. The temperatures are set to drop even more dramatically in the next few days.

While you are busy bundling up, you should make an effort to insulate your garage door as well. This is also a good way to maintain hospitable temperatures inside your home even when it is dead cold outside. Do not try garage door insulation on your own, but instead contact the services of a Phoenix Garage Door Experts.

Why insulation is good for your garage door

The door that you most probably open and close most frequently is the garage door. It is your home’s biggest opening. Moreover, it borders some vital rooms such as the living room, dining area, kitchen and bedrooms. Temperature control is very important if these rooms are to be habitable.

Insulated garage door does not increase the house temperature but helps to maintain it. There is nothing as costly as heating the house only to find the heated air cooled again by the large, frozen metallic door near your living room. Thus, insulating the garage door is important for maintaining thermal efficiency of your home.

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When you go shopping for insulated garage doors, you will hear a term perhaps for the first time: R-Value. Simply put, this is a measure of thermal efficiency. An object with a high R-value will most definitely have better insulating capabilities. If your garage door has a big R-value then it will not only keep the winter cold out but also regulate heat during the summer.

Therefore, it is not a question of whether you should insulate or not but rather how much insulation should your garage door have. Always keep this in mind: the garage door is like a bad wall, especially if it is a metallic door. This is why you need to hire a reliable garage door specialist in your area. If you live in a place like Phoenix, you can rest assured of finding the best garage door experts in the country.

Metal versus wood

When it comes to temperature control, metal door is not a good option. Metal is a good conductor of heat and allows the heat to go out of your house during winter and into your house during summer. Of course insulation can prevent this to a great extent even in metal doors. However, wooden garage doors do not really need too much of insulation.

Garage doors need insulation if you are to save on energy bills. Measurement unit of insulation is called the R-value. A door with a low R-Value has poor insulation properties. While metal doors need to be insulated substantially, wooden doors do not require too much insulation.