Phoenix garage door experts are specialists in garage door installation and repairs with the best professional experience concerning garage doors. One of the pieces of advice we always give our clients and customers is to consider the use of Roller Shutter Garage Doors for their residential garages. Well, you might be wondering why we always insist on the use of roller shutter doors and the following are some of the reasons behind this piece of advice:

· Rubber seal at the bottom
· No outward swing required
· Excellent security
· Easy to open and close
· They are insulating
· Rubber Seal at the Bottom

Let us see these reasons in detail:

· Rubber seal at the bottom

Roller shutter garage doors are specially designed in that they always have a rubber seal to the bottom of the curtain. This feature is desirable since the rubber prevents rodents, dust and leaves from entering into the garage and thus ensures that your garage is very neat, thus reducing the need of frequent cleaning. In the event of a storm, they deflect stray branches and other debris from getting in thus preventing damage to clients’ vehicles and injury to people inside the garage as well.

· No Outward Swing Required.

One of the most unique features of the roller shutter garage doors is that they have a vertical operation such that the closing and opening of the door is in a vertical movement. This thus is desirable if your garage is located in a place with limited space such as a driveway because it eliminates the need of the outward swing of the door which may block the driveway.

· Excellent Security.

The design of this type of a door offers perfect security. Double-skinned roller shutter doors offer very high level of resistance to attempted forced entries due to their strong nature and they also have quite good mechanisms at the top of the curtain which hold the door firmly and prevent forced opening from the bottom. In addition to these, roller shutters are also a perfect visual deterrent to intruders who may be wandering around and trying to figure out how to gain entry to your home due to the shutters.

· Easy to Open and Close.

Roller shutter garage doors are one of the easiest doors to open. This is due to the fact that you only need to press a button to open or close it. This therefore eases the labor of having to physically open the door which could be quite tiring considering the weight of such a door especially if it is made of a heavy metal.

· They Are Insulating.

Another desirable feature about the roller shutter doors is that they are made to be fully insulated so that they can prevent unnecessary heat from entering your garage and also prevent heat from leaving the compound as well. Research has proven that they are able to prevent up to 90% of heat from entering and 70% from leaving. Roller shutter garage doors good at sound insulation thus prevent unnecessary noise from getting in.

Try out the varied shapes, sizes and designs of roller shutter garage doors today and see how well Phoenix garage door experts will serve you and you can be sure that you will be making the best choice for your garage door.