The outcome of a garage door Installation is heavily dependent on how well you prepare yourself. Follow the right procedure and you will have a fully-functional door. On the other hand, using shortcuts, ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions, or rushing through the process will lead to a misaligned or poorly placed door. What’s more you will find yourself repairing or replacing parts sooner-rather-than-later. For maximum satisfaction and peace-of-mind, Phoenix Garage Door Experts ensure you adhere to the following steps during the installation:

  1. Read the Instruction Manual

It is always important to first read the installation or instruction manual. Yes, you may have installed a couple of doors through the years. You should however note that each door is different and techniques keep on changing. What was the most effective method may have been overtaken by a newer and better method. Going through the instructions gives you insights on the intensity of the project, the skills you need, and the approximate time needed.

2. Gather the Necessary Items

Many people unfortunately start the installation process without gathering all the necessary tools and materials. Due to this, they will spend lots of time moving around looking for an important tool. Also, they run the risk of injuries or poor workmanship due to momentarily losing focus. Always ensure you have the right tools such as tape measure, electric drill, level, drill bits, hammer, screw bit, circular saw, nails, cordless drill and others before you begin.

  1. Plan Properly and Have a Checklist

Many people always look forward to undertaking overhead garage door Installation by themselves. It not only gives them a sense of pride but also saves cost. Although installing a door may look easy especially for a person who has done it before, there is always the probability of forgetting a vital task. For instance, forgetting to tighten the nuts or screws, or checking the alignment or levelness. Such errors are minimized by following a plan and checklist.

  1. Install and Test the Door

The speed at which you will complete the installation is determined by your skill, type of door, helping hands, and also the environment. It is always advisable to set aside a day so as to fully focus on the task. Having a friend or two help you and making sure there is minimal obstruction is also advised. You don’t want to do this while small kids are always running around. After finishing, make sure you test the door’s operation.

  1. Clean Up and Relax

You will need to make readjustments or correct errors before you can finally call it a day. The last step is to gather all the tools and materials and put them in their right place. Collect the dirt, wood shavings, metal remnants, old nails and nuts and safely dispose them. Finally, clean the area and make sure there is no dirt, dust or any foreign particles. Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or a bottle of beer and pat yourself on the back.

Additional Tips

Always have a friend(s) assist you so as to minimize overworking or injuring yourself. Do not allow kids to play nearby. Don’t economize by using nails instead of screws or bolts and nuts. Ensure you wear protective gear, goggles (eye glasses), and gloves. Set adequate time for garage door Installation and maintain focus.

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