Garage doors require the same amount of care, perhaps, even more as other important parts of your home. This is where garage door repair professionals based in Phoenix come in. The reason why you need the experts is that they are the ones who deal with garage doors on a day to day basis. Here are five stress-free maintenance tricks you should learn to adopt:

1) Visual inspection

Make it a point of carrying out a visual inspection of your garage door on a monthly basis. It is very simple and involves standing inside the garage and looking the door over. Just observe how the garage door looks like. Pay special attention to pulleys, rollers, cables and torsion springs. If you see any signs of damage, note them down. Present the notes you take to a Phoenix garage door expert. The expert should be able to inspect the door and carry out any repairs or maintenance tasks.

2) Door balance

Garage doors get out of balance often. You can tell by running a balance test. First, close your garage door. Disconnect it from the remote controlled opening device. Try opening it manually. If the balance is correct, the door should lift all the way to the top and remain that way. In case you encounter any resistance along the way or the door slides down after opening, it is out of balance. Perform this trick at least once a month.

3) Reverse mechanism

Reverse mechanisms are safety aspects added on garage doors for enhanced safety. It prevents the door from entrapping any object lying in its path. Do not think of this as inanimate objects only. It could be you, your spouse, child or family pet. Ideally, the door is supposed to move in the reverse direction soon after it comes into contact with any object or person. Test the effectiveness of this mechanism by placing a wooden block or broomstick in the door’s path. Close it and see whether it reverses or not.

4) Door force

Your garage door should not close with immense force. Use this trick to find out. Make sure the door is fully open. Push the close button. As it closes, try holding its bottom with your hands. It should reverse. In case it does not, remove your hands quickly and let it go all the way to the bottom. This is a sign that the door’s closing force needs adjusting.

5) Lubrication

Spray some lubricant on the door’s tracks, hinges and rollers after every month. This will ensure that the garage door and its important parts function smoothly.

These simple checks will help you in detecting whether there are any serious problems with you garage door. In case, you need to repair and replace any of the parts of the garage door, get professional help. They will provide you efficient services and value for money.